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Traveling and Staying on Track


How are ya’ll doing with your New Years Resolutions? I am traveling this week so have missed a couple of the January photo challenge on ShrinkingJeans.

Despite traveling, I have managed to do pretty well. I’m in Texas and have gone out to eat several times but feel like I still have made pretty good choices. The one exception being a yummy mexican food lunch that made me feel like I ate an entire side of beef!

Yesterday’s photo challenge was meal planning. This is what I brought for this week’s breakfast and snack options. Several baggies of protein powder, protein bars, my mini blender and some nectar drink powder.


Today’s photo challenge is my breakfast, the usual protein shake!

New Image

Have a good week everyone!


goals (1)

I must say I am really enjoying the Shrinking Jeans challenge! Of course, its only day 2, I will probably be sick of it in another week or so, but for now its great to see other people going through the same struggles that I do.

Today’s photo challenge is goals, I have never been one to really set goals for myself, this year is going to be different. I hope that I see a difference by setting some goals and sticking to them.

2014 Goals:

  • Lose a total of 80 pounds by June 2014. My stepson is getting married and I want to look and feel great.
  • Train and be able to run a 5k. I’m already signed up for one in June.
  • Start and stick to an actual exercise program, I just joined Planet Fitness and I have a gym buddy, so that’s half of the battle.
  • Attend weekly bariatric bootcamp sessions, they start January 12th.
  • Increase my fluid intake, I struggle with this, I think I must have been chronically dehydrated prior to surgery, its even worse now.
  • Not weight loss related, but still a goal: participate in the 52 week money challenge that is making its way around Facebook. Check it out here,   I’ve already saved my dollar for the week!
  • Become more involved in charitable work in my community.
  • Be a better mom and wife.
  • Try to be more patient and bite my tongue more, especially at work. 
  • Travel somewhere new that I have never been.

What about you? What goals do you have so far?

Its Goal Time!