Flying and fat


I have to fly into Dallas this week for a work trip and the butterflies in my stomach have already started.  Despite losing 35 pounds, I am still very overweight. I feel better, I look better, I am healthier, but the poor person who has to sit next to me doesn’t see all of that unfortunately. In their head, I am still a fat slob.

I hate that while I fit in the seat, my legs will still touch the other person. I hate that I will spend 3 hours crammed into a tight of a ball as possible so as not to annoy the other passengers, I hate that this is even an issue.

I am flying on Southwest and paid extra for priority boarding. I did buy a seatbelt extender to avoid the embarrassment of asking the flight attendant for one, I’m hoping that I don’t need it, but better safe then sorry. I will be a nervous wreck from now until my flight boards on Friday morning and then again when I have to switch planes.

I know that I shouldn’t care what people think about me, but the reality is, I do. Hopefully I can move past that at some point in my life, but sadly, I’m not there yet.



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